Cinema 4D Classrecordings HH

2020 Q1 – Basic



In our first session of that quarter we just took a quick overview of the application and set up some default settings.


Why me? – Part 1


Why me? – Part 2

We finished up our first project and learned how to set up our scene for rendering and optimize our renders in Photoshop.



In this session we explored further what we can do with a Cloner.
We also got an overview of how dynamics and the timeline in C4D works.
Lastly we learned some more compositing techniques in Photoshop.


Modeling with Splines and Volumes

This class we used to explore some modeling techniques where we don’t have to rely on primitives.

Additionally we also learned how to use the Volume Builder/Mesher to create smooth merged shapes.


Manual Modeling

In this session we explored different manual modeling techniques.

Including the Extrude, Inner Extrude, Knife, Loop Selection, Polygon Pen.


Mockups and Textures

We leanred different techniques of using mockups in Cinema 4D and learned about many texturing options at the same time.


Metal and glass

In this session we leanred how to properly work with metal and glass textures.


Random examples

In our last session I just showed little techniques relevant to the F2F projects.