by Lennert Schrader

I know we don't like reading - but you will be done in like 5 minutes!

I'm glad to see that you have decided to get your hosting from me!
Let me first give you a brief overview of what you are getting yourself into, and then you can start filling out the form. Alright?

What you get:
With this form you are ordering a hosting account (and a domain if needed) to which you can upload/edit your website. You will have unlimited traffic and 50GB storage space. So if you need to send something big and don't want to use wetransfer or something like that, just send it via your own website! In addition you can get your own email addresses. For instance, if your domain name is then you could have an email like You can get as many email addresses as you like.

The hosting costs 5€ per month, and includes 1 domain. You can add as many domains to the hosting as you like, but additional ones may be charged separately (a simple .com domain for instance costs 11.90€ per year).
New TDL's like .design or .ninja etc. may cost more.
If you already have a domain and it should remain with the current provider, then the hosting will only cost 4€ per month.
If you want to transfer an existing domain over, then the usual pricing applies.

The hosting needs to run for at least half a year, and after that it can be cancelled at any time.
If payment is missed for 2 consecutive months, your account as well as the domain will be frozen automatically.

Got it!
Let's start already!

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I need one or multiple domains

I already have a domain name
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