Cinema 4D Classrecordings HH

2019 Q4 – Advanced


Small looping animations

In our first session of that quarter we created 2 small looping animations in Cinema 4D.
We learned about keyframes, the different forms of timelines (Dope Sheep and F-Curve). And we learned about different ways of rendering out image sequences using the Render Queue.


4 examples of simple animations

In the second session we recreated 4 different examples where we used clones/effectors or noises in order to create interesting animations.



This session we explored some techniques in Illustrator to prepare a file for Cinema 4D.
We then used the imported AI file and added some details on it using the sculpt tool.


Tracking and integrating 3D with reality

We learned how to use the 3D tracker in C4D and how we could create a realistic light setup using a selfmade HDRI. After that we explored a similar technique to do the same with a still image.

Lastly we also already took a quick look at the Voronoi fracture and how to use it with Dynamics to break things.


Animating a seamless loop

We used the Blend Mode of the Cloner to control the animation of a Bend Deformer and created a semless looping animation.


Dynamics – chain reaction

In this session we dove deeper into dynamics, and created a little chain reaction animation by letting a sphere roll down a silide and then hit some dominos. 


Camera Animation – Team Render

This class we used to talk about camera animations as well as using Team Render in order to help us with our renderings.