After Effects Classrecordings HH

2019 Q4 – Advanced


Small looping animations

In our first session of that quarter we created 2 small looping animations in After Effects.
We used Shape Layers and different kinds of keyframes. As well as the loopOut expression.


Animated “&”

In our second session we animated an “&” symbol in different ways – more and more advanced. At the end we used the Puppet Tool to add some additional character to the reveal.


Bats and a ghost

In this session we created a little animation ba compositin a moon and clouds together, and using the wiggle expression to animate some bats flying on front of the moon.

In the second example we used the same expression and animated a ghost – no keyframes, purely driven by the expression, with a little help of the Puppet Tool and Duik.


Tracking with Mocha

We explored all sorts of different techniques to track or stabilize stuff with mocha.

We started with tracking a headwound onto my forehead, then tracked my eye and masked it out, and lastly we briefly talked about Time Displacement and other ways of timeremapping.


Some small effects and scripts

In this session we created some small animation with a glitch transition effect, and then we talked about some of the scripts I wrote.



This class we started a little project where we want to learn how to create some smooth manual text animations.


More Textanimation

This class we continued with our text animation and explored some more techniques. Like animating text on a path, or crate a zoom into a letter as a transition to another scene.



In this session we animated lines from an illustrator file, and crated a zoom transition.